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Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is

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Period Pain? Hot Flushes? Acupuncture

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Skin Conditions

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Chinese medicine can

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Welcome to Son Son Acupuncture Brisbane

The Best Place to Get Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Treatment

Chinese and Acupuncture medicine has been demonstrated for thousands of years in order to be effective in providing the treatment for a wide range of health concerns from normal pains and aches throughout for support injuries and also more common pains like lower back pain, sore necks or a frozen shoulder. This traditional medicine also has been utilized efficiently to enhance fertility and seriously enhance the chances of falling pregnant. An acupuncture Brisbane can treat a number of aspects related to the health of women like PMS, period pain, irregular mensuration and hot flushes. We specialize in offering you numerous types of acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments to treat your different health disorders. Our main aim is to offer the topmost quality of health care and maintenance to you like our patient utilizing the knowledge and technique of Chinese medicine and acupuncture with well trained and qualified staff in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Our services

We offer you the professional and reliable services associated with the Chinese medicine and acupuncture so treating a number of health related disorders or diseases of different types of individuals. We offer you treatment to get rid of the severe or normal pain. It can be accomplished with the help of the acupuncture needles put in particular locations which stimulates the energy flow throughout the natural energy channels of the body. Most of the women are suffering from various disorders such as infertility, irregular or pain mensuration problems, hot flashes and many others, all such disorders are getting treated by us with the help of using the acupuncture technique.

If you are suffering from serious skin conditions, then there is no need to worry because we provide you the option to stay away from facial issues with the cosmetic acupuncture. We utilize the finest needles that are inserted into certain points on the body and face thereby enhancing the circulation of blood and energy to the area. We also assist you in incorporating into your daily life with minor modifications for your in-taking of nutrition and minerals. It is a common known fact that the body of every person is different from others. Hence, we work according to the needs and preferences of your body. You can attain your youth in its original form with the help of our cosmetic acupuncture and stay away from fine and wrinkle lines.

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If you are interested in our acupuncturist Brisbane and other services, you just need to have an online access to our portal. You can contact us on our contact details mentioned on our website. You can make your consultations with us by just booking the appointments. We will definitely assist in every probable way.