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Tips on Choosing an Acupuncturist

There has been a never-ending debate on whether or not acupuncture works. People seem to have different experiences with acupuncture depending on the kind of acupuncturists they have dealt with in the past. If you believe in acupuncture, then you need to choose the best. You want someone in whom you have confidence and who you can trust. You will also want to determine the qualifications and the experience of the acupuncturists you are hiring. The clearer your idea of the kind of acupuncture services you need, the more decided you are going to be when looking for one. As such, this article explores some tips to guide you when looking for the best acupuncture Alexandra Hills.

The first step when looking for acupuncture services is determining your goals. Ask yourself whether you have a specific injury that you would like your acupuncturist to treat or you want one to just balance your body, spirit, or mind.

It is imperative to question the qualifications of your acupuncturist before you can hire their services. Remember that acupuncture is now a respected field in medicine and you need to get someone who has a thorough grasp of the same. In countries such as the United States, a lot of formal training and certification is needed for one to practice in this field. A well-qualified acupuncturist is one who has about 3 to 5 years of schooling in post graduate studies. If you live in the United States, choose an acupuncturist who has been licensed by the National Commission for the certification of Acupuncturists.

You also ought to thoroughly interrogate your acupuncturist about the kind of treatment styles they have. Acupuncture, just like herbology make use of distinct styles of treatment. Though there is no evidence that one style works better than the other, this will give you some insight while choosing the best acupuncture Alexandra Hills.

Son Son Acupuncture in Brisbane

Son Son acupuncture clinic in Capalaba, Brisbane was the brain child of Sonya Rosenbrock who had by then been known as one of the top acupuncturist Brisbane since 2008. Acupuncture is a Chinese tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years which only began to gain popularity in Western Europe, America and Canada in the twentieth century. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles at specific points and varying depths into the skin and is therapeutic in providing pain relief, reducing nausea and other health concerns. According to Chinese tradition acupuncture points are located on a meridian through which “Qi” (chee) or vital energy flows, the acupuncture needles are used to balance our energy by stimulating specific points of our body.

Conditions that Acupuncturist Brisbane Treat

Acupuncturists in Brisbane and around the world help treat a number of conditions such as-

· Musculoskeletal conditions

· Neurological and emotional conditions

· Cardiovascular conditions

· Digestive disorders

· Respiratory disorders

· Women’s health

· Men’s health

· Sleep conditions

· Skin conditions

· Addictions

· Cosmetic beauty

Musculoskeletal conditions include neck and back pain, “tennis elbow”, “frozen shoulder”, lumbago, osteoarthritis, lower back pain and other pain inducing symptoms, while depression, stress, anxiety and fear are some of the neurological and emotional conditions which acupuncture helps alleviate. Acupuncturists in Brisbane and around the world use acupuncture to treat cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure and Oedema as well as Digestive and Respiratory disorders like poor digestion, diarrhea, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and the common cold. In relation to women and me’s health acupuncture has been used to treat irregular periods, thrush and heavy discharge in women and erectile dysfunction, infertility and low libido in men. Hair loss, nerve rash, dandruff, insomnia and excessive dreaming are some of the skin and sleep conditions that acupuncture aids in curing. Finally acupuncture is said to be a cure for addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and drug withdrawal as well as aid in cosmetic rejuvenation of wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage.

Choosing the Right Acupuncturist

When done correctly acupuncture can help relieve a lot of your pain and stress but an inexperienced acupuncturist Brisbane could end up severely injuring you, therefore it is important to ask a few questions which help you choose the right acupuncturist. Typically physicians who are performing acupuncture are required to have at least 100-200 hours of training before practicing acupuncture as treatment, so don’t hesitate to ask your potential physician about his or her credentials. Many people do not know that there are varying types of acupuncture which are used to treat specific conditions so it is important to find out what kind of acupuncture a physician offers as well as whether he or she has any experience with your particular condition. It is also important to keep in mind that the frequency of your treatments is something that can only be determined in person after an examination and the price varies according to the experience of the practitioner, the kind of acupuncture you will be getting and the city in which you live.

When performed correctly acupuncture is safe and can help alleviate pain and stress brought on by a number of conditions. It is also a great option for people who are for different reasons unwilling or incapable of taking pain medication and it is a very effective combination treatment which is gaining popularity even in today’s world of modern medicine.