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Acupuncture For Tension Headaches

By Sonya Rosenbrock

(BHSc Acupuncture)

Recently there has been an increased interest in the use of acupuncture in the treatment of headaches. This interest in acupuncture treatment for headaches is most likely due to increase in the search for healthier alternative treatments to conventional methods, which mainly include the use over-the counter pain killer medication. Recent reports indicate that acupuncture is effective especially in the treatment of tension headaches. Tension Headahces are essentially defined as bilateral headache of a pressing or tightening quality, with mild to moderate intensity, which does not worsen with routine physical activity. Tension headahces occur without a known medical cause. Traditional treatment generally involves the use of over-the-counter pain killers, to treat this condition, which isn’t that bad when they are occuring infrequently, however in some individuals tension headaches can occur several times a month or even daily. Thus the use of pain killers is not such a healthy option. In a recent Chocrane Review by Linde, k et al (2009) they reviewed 11 trials which investigated whether acupuncture is effective in the prophylaxis of tension-type headache, the results were that those patients who received acupuncture had fewer headaches compared to the control group, “Forty-seven percent of patients receiving acupuncture reported a decrease in the number of headache days by at least 50%, compared to 16% of patients in the control groups.” And in the Trial by Melchart, D et al (2005) they also found that “The proportion of responders (at least 50% reduction in days with headache) was 46% in the acupuncture group…and 4% in the waiting list group.” Thus indicating form both these studies that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of tension-type headaches. Although it may not work in all individuals it is worth a try.

NICE (national institute for health and clinical excellence) in the UK in September 2012 brought out “clinical guideline 150” for doctors titled “Headaches: Diagnosis and Management of Headaches in Young People and Adults”, which recommends the use of acupuncture in the treatment of Tension headaches, they state that ‘a course of up to 10 sessions of acupuncture over 5–8 weeks for the prophylactic treatment of chronic tension-type headache,” may be required.

The World Health Organisation also states that acupuncture has been proved through controlled clinical trials to be an effective treatment for headaches. (WHO, 2003 p23.) If conventional treatment is not working for your tension-type headache, or you would prefer not to rely on medication then now may be the time to consider alternative treatments like acupuncture.


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Eating for The Five Seasons In Chinese Medicine Spring


By Sonya Rosenbrock BHSc Acu

Spring is the time of new beginnings. Yang energy starts to rise as the days begin to get longer. Blossoms start to bloom and plants start to shoot with fresh green growth. This green colour nourishes the soul through the eyes. This is a time for connecting with your true nature and giving expression to self awareness and self expression. Spring is also a great season to spring clean your body  and get rid of the emotions like anger. Spring is associated with wood element and its flavor is sour, and colour is green. The organs associated with Spring are the liver and gallbladder so taking time do a detox can be very beneficial.

The diet needs to contain foods which emphasize the rising of yang, such as fresh sprouts, greens, young plants. Too many heavy foods can clog the liver, resulting in fevers. In Spring food preparation becomes easier with raw and sprouted foods an option. In Spring food is best cook hot and fast, such as stir frying, or light steaming is best.

Eating foods that naturally grow in spring are good way to start such as:

Water cress, Onions, Garlic, Shalotts, Spring Onions, Chives, Mustard green, Turmeric, Basil, Bay leaf, Cardamom, Cumin, Fennel, Ginger, Taro root, Beets, Kohlrabi, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, SauerKraut, Turnips, Strawberrys, Legumes

Eating for The Five Seasons In Chinese Medicine Winter


By Sonya Rosenbrock BHSc Acu

In ancient times when Traditional Chinese Medicine was being developed people had to live in complete harmony with nature and the seasons. They rose with the sun, ate what was seasonally available and were acutely aware of their natural environment and how it affected every aspect of their lives. When to get up, how to dress and what type of activities were done were all dependant on the environment and thus the season. These simple steps they took helped to ensure they were able to stay healthy throughout the year and they were able to keep their immune systems and body in top shape so they could ward off disease. In Chinese Medicine there are five seasons spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter elements. Each season has many associations which help us to change our habits as the seasons change so that we can create better balance between the external environment and our bodies.

It is currently winter here in Australia so this article will start with winter.

Winter is the season of the water element, it is associated with Storage, its flavour is salty and the colour is Black, its climate is cold and its organs are the kidney and bladder. Cold and darkness of winter drive one to seek inner warmth, it’s a time to reflect inwards and conserve our energy by resting, meditating deeply to refine the spiritual essence and store physical energy.

Eating foods that are naturally grown in winter are a great way to start, so look at eating root vegetables, carrots, turnips, Swedes, potatoes, dark leafy winter greens like kale and swiss chard, cabbage, mushrooms, apples, pears, and if you’re in the subtropics foods like bananas, strawberries and oranges are also in season. In winter the diet needs to be tonify the kidneys and warm the yang. Cook foods longer, at lower temperatures with less water. Foods that are warming are recommended so consider having soups that are slow cooked with heart veggies and bony cuts of meat. Perhaps now is the time to pull out your slow cookers.

Foods that specifically nourish the kidneys are:

Bone broths
black beans
black sesame seeds
dark green leafy veggies,
unrefined sea salt or Himalayan salt,
wheat germ,
mung bean and its sprouts.

Discover the benefits of cosmetic acupunture

If you were looking for an article that provides more information about the benefits of Cosmetic Acupunture, then you are in the right place. Cosmetic acupunture is currently being used by millions of women worldwide to not only improve their natural beauty but also to reduce the visible signs that are present during aging. This practice has its origin in Chinese and it involves inserting needles into the skin. These needles are inserted at specific pressure points in the body and It is preferred because you do not have to face the surgeon or use any chemicals which may cause side effects. After acupunture, blood vessels widen thus improving the blood flow which leads to good supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues.

When these needles are inserted at those specific pressure points, it results to endorphins and energy being released. Blood flow is improved leading to cell growth and cell rejuvenation. Apart from the endorphin, healing collagen is also released which is responsible for maintaining the body’s youthfulness. Cosmetic acupunture also reduces wrinkles, lifts sagging skin, eliminates fine lines, and improves skin texture and color. It is mainly used to improve the beauty of the face and also for breast enhancement in women. Although it is mainly used by women, men are also known to use cosmetic acupunture to improve their looks. Most men may want to improve their looks for public presentation, for photographs, or during personal engagements.

Cosmetic acupunture is known to be very affordable and it does not have the side effects that are mainly associated with cosmetic surgery. When choosing a practitioner to perform it, it is highly recommended that you choose a licensed one .This is because licensed practitioners are very skilled and well-trained to perform the task in a professional manner. They also have the necessary experience required to perform the acupunture safely. Just visit one of the licensed practitioners and he will greatly help you in regaining your youthful looks or enhancing your breasts.

Look Beautiful by Following Cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane Technique

Ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture was used to relieve body pain by pricking needles in your body. This old time’s method is still in use after it went through a number of modifications for calming the body by solving a number of physical and mental pains. Cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane is a technology based on this technique and is used by a number of people to look young again.

Uses of Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane is in the newest trends for people having skin problems and issues prefer this no side effects technology.

  • · Cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane is an anti-aging technology that can give your skin that natural glow that you lose with time. So, you can look fresh again by making use of this technology.
  • · It helps in reducing wrinkles and curves to appear in the future and you are free from the tension of spots and circles appearances on your skin as you will always look charming by undergoing cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane.
  • · This treatment also helps in solving acne related skin problems for it refreshes your skin and gives it a spark that enhances your beauty.
  • · Cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane requires a very limited time span for treating your skin and can improve your skin tone and complexion.
  • · This practice involves needles prickles that help in smooth flow of energy that result in rejuvenation of the skin.

People are shifting towards this useful treatment because it offers them numerous chances to feel fresh by enhancing their looks. They can move around with more confidence as they are filled with a feeling of self-assurance from inside. This not only enhances their personality’s charm but also impacts their performance for they work with increased level of concentration. So, become an attention grabber by benefiting yourself from Cosmetic acupuncture Brisbane technology and look smart and fresh all over again.

Salons For Acupuncture Capalaba Has To Offer

Capalaba is a part of Brisbane, more specifically in the Redland City area, and it possesses two big shopping centers where you can find beauty parlors and cosmetic shops. When it comes to acupuncture Capalaba has couple of places that offer these services. SonSon is probably one of the best places for a good acupuncture Capalaba has to offer. You will really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and feel good about yourself when you exit the doors of SonSon.

The salon is located on 14 Willard Rd, just turn right from Finucane Rd and you’ll see it. SonSon is owned and operated by Sonya Rosenbrock. She has a Bachelor degree in Health Science, which means that she is more than qualified to perform complex acupuncture. Techniques that she includes in her set of features are: needling, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, cupping herbs from Chinese decent, Chinese dietetics, Tuina, and numerous other elements that are a part of Chinese traditional medicine. This doesn’t mean that Sonya doesn’t have extended knowledge in Pharmacology, Nutrition and Western medicine. She has a long practical with acupuncture as she went to the Guangxi University for traditional Chinese medicine located in China.

You are probably interested in some of the techniques that we mentioned earlier and what do they include. Gua Sha or spooning as you may know it is the process of scraping part of the skin in order to produce light bruising. The goal of it is to improve blood circulation at specific parts of the body. Moxibustion is performed with the usage of dried mogwart. The dried substance is shaped in a form of a cigar. After this the patient can use it indirectly or through acupuncture needles. Tuina is simply a Chinese way of providing full body massage. Sometimes practitioners use their feet to step on their customers back and legs.

Best Acupuncture Brisbane

Medical science may have gone too far in treatments but few old treatments are still applied frequently due to their effectiveness. Acupuncture is one of them. Acupuncture is an old Chinese technique in which needles are stimulated into the human skin. There are various methods to do this. The needle is put in through heat, pressure or just by mere force. We offer the best acupuncture Brisbane services . Acupuncture is an alternative medicine technique used very widely nowadays. This technique maintains the flow of blood in the body.

Acupuncture is used to relieve pain nowadays. It had various benefits. It helps us improve our defenses and immune system of the body. Our internal environment gets energy to fight against all diseases. Its effect is same as of Chinese herbal formulas. They also give internal energy to our body, improve blood regulation and enhance the nourishment effect. Our blood stream needs cleansing internally. Acupuncture technique also provides us with that.

We know life in Brisbane is tough. Apart from the already present diseases, this technique is helpful in securing you with the potential diseases that have a chance to occur in Brisbane environment. The treatment has its own benefits and weaknesses but in the long run it helps in the body’s mobility and swift movement.

Our Acupuncture services in Brisbane are fully scientifically approved. Today’s modern scientists have calculated some new interesting facts. They believe that Acupuncture is not only a treatment to reduce pain, spasm, joint pain etc. It is a whole healing process. It automatically aids healing to areas which need it. The method of insertion of this medicine is the intake of a needle. Apart from many advantages it has a few side effects as well. The precautions are also evident. There are special herbs that are useful for specific areas of the body. These must be carefully found out during the treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Cosmetic Acupunture

Acupuncture, a foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and polished for many years, has seen a reestablished enthusiasm toward the present day, particularly a sort called Cosmetic Acupunture. It likewise passes by different names including facial revival and facial acupuncture. Facial revival is a type of acupuncture that centers upon the face and lessening the indications of maturing – wrinkles, crow’s feet, and so on. It ought to be no amazement then that it is prominent around ladies and superstars. Yet does it really work?


The verdict is still out on that exceptionally essential subject. Defenders guarantee that the needles embedded into the face fortify collagen creation which clears up wrinkles. Others say that the needles unwind the facial muscles and subsequently battle the maturing process through lessening anxiety. The face is more loose so it clears up. Doubters say it is all a placebo impact where one accepts it works so it does. Few quality studies have been performed because of the tests of making a twofold visually nature’s domain. It at last descends to the numerous particular cases individuals have made. The decision is for every person to make, however one who decides to go this course ought to verify their acupuncturist is ensured.


Setting aside the viability of aesthetic acupuncture, the reality of the situation is acupuncture is sheltered. The needles penetrate the upper levels of skin so one feels a prick from a needle being embedded. There is no torment and no chemicals infused into the constitution like in a Botox medicine. There is likewise no surgery or genuine symptoms included that may come about because of a surgical facelift. The one downside to the medication is that it might be pricey. Affirmed acupuncturists propose something like ten sessions and a correct expert will offer a free counsel. Every session can run a couple of hundred dollars. At that point there is month to month or yearly upkeep and an expense for that. It likewise takes some time to perform the strategy as it is not a lunch break medication. Taken all together if one needs to attempt an elective medicinal medicine to look more youthful beauty acupuncture is a safe entryway.


Elective medications like beauty acupuncture keep on growing in fame and most likely will for quite a while to come. Medication shift from natural uneasiness cures and homeopathy to qi and vitality precious stones. There are numerous manifestations of medicine, some demonstrated, some refuted and others problematic. It is an interesting world to investigate, particularly if customary prescription has fizzled in a specific ailment.

Cosmetic acupuncture in Brisbane

In the quest for a young skin, many people opt for cosmetic acupuncture to remove fine wrinkles and lines on their faces and necks. This form of plastic surgery uses a thin acupuncture needle to eliminate the wrinkles and lines for a toned skin. Cosmetic acupuncture in Brisbane is regarded as a natural alternative that is safe and less invasive on your body. It’s usually practiced by qualified and experienced acupuncturists and who have special interest in the treatment.

Cosmetic acupuncture is usually a gradual process that can easily be customized for each individual. In most cases, the treatment includes the insertion of the thin acupuncture needle into the wrinkles on the neck and face to reduce the signs of aging. This is a common form of cosmetic acupuncture referred to as Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal and widely used by acupuncturists all over the world. The needle stimulates the histamine reaction and fibroblasts, which boost the flow of nutrients and collagen output in the cells respectively. The muscles are also stimulated by the needle, which makes the skin relaxed and toned.

The course of cosmetic acupuncture takes 10 to 20 sessions depending on the age and the condition of the area to be treated. Each session takes 45 to 90 minutes depending on whether the sessions are done weekly or bi-weekly. The potential side effects and complications of the treatment include; allergic reactions, puffiness and bruising, bleeding, nerve injury, infection and delayed healing. In Brisbane, the consultation fee for the treatment ranges between $100 and $120 while the treatment package costs between $1000 and $2000.

Brisbane’s cosmetic acupuncture removes fines lines and reduces larger wrinkles on the face. The treatment also increases facial muscle, decreases skin sagging and tightens skin pores for radiant complexion. In addition, the treatment reduces stress and depression, boosts self-esteem and promotes well being and total health.

Acupuncture Capalbaba May Help You Avoid Surgery

Acupuncture in Capalaba can help you treat a number of conditions properly. The great staff at Son Son Acupuncture can help you manage your sciatic nerve problems. Are you battling rheumatoid arthritis and don’t know where to turn? You can always try your hand at the world of acupuncture. If you are struggling with gout, it can lead to a number of bigger feet related issues. The concept of acupuncture Capalaba can help you find a way to limit these problems and hopefully do so quickly.

Shoulder Injuries

A shoulder injury may be nagging you for months. Pain medication is not the only answer at your disposal. The fact of the matter is that you may want to try at acupuncture as a sound and reasonable and reasonable alternative. The work that the acupuncturist does for you will help prevent other issues like frozen shoulder, issues that make it nearly impossible to lift items in a work related situation.


Did you injure your foot on the basketball court? Has the issue been diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. If so, you are in luck if you end up making your way to Son Son Acupuncture. They will play a role in healing your injury heal properly and with the proper amount of treatment get back on the court in no time. The injury plantar fasciitis, can also be seen in a number of tennis players. You don’t want to see a promising tennis career get derailed because a player was unaware of a acupuncture Capalaba practice.

Carpal Tunnel

Have you been dealing with a lot of repetitive motion in your work career? The motion may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The right acupuncture treatments may be able to help you avoid a corrective surgery that is meant to help with your carpal tunnel issues. A lot of factory workers deserve the right to avoid this surgery if they can do so. A great acupuncturist is committed to treating the patient and letting the patient decide what is the best medical option out there for them.