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Salons For Acupuncture Capalaba Has To Offer

Capalaba is a part of Brisbane, more specifically in the Redland City area, and it possesses two big shopping centers where you can find beauty parlors and cosmetic shops. When it comes to acupuncture Capalaba has couple of places that offer these services. SonSon is probably one of the best places for a good acupuncture Capalaba has to offer. You will really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and feel good about yourself when you exit the doors of SonSon.

The salon is located on 14 Willard Rd, just turn right from Finucane Rd and you’ll see it. SonSon is owned and operated by Sonya Rosenbrock. She has a Bachelor degree in Health Science, which means that she is more than qualified to perform complex acupuncture. Techniques that she includes in her set of features are: needling, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, cupping herbs from Chinese decent, Chinese dietetics, Tuina, and numerous other elements that are a part of Chinese traditional medicine. This doesn’t mean that Sonya doesn’t have extended knowledge in Pharmacology, Nutrition and Western medicine. She has a long practical with acupuncture as she went to the Guangxi University for traditional Chinese medicine located in China.

You are probably interested in some of the techniques that we mentioned earlier and what do they include. Gua Sha or spooning as you may know it is the process of scraping part of the skin in order to produce light bruising. The goal of it is to improve blood circulation at specific parts of the body. Moxibustion is performed with the usage of dried mogwart. The dried substance is shaped in a form of a cigar. After this the patient can use it indirectly or through acupuncture needles. Tuina is simply a Chinese way of providing full body massage. Sometimes practitioners use their feet to step on their customers back and legs.

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