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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Let’s face it… we are all getting older, and yes it’s a fact of life that as we age we develop so much more character… some would call them wrinkles and fine lines though, but luckily for you, landing on this page may just be your solution to those pesky wrinkles.

Just the fact that you are looking for a natural anti-ageing treatment proves that you are knowledgeable about the harmful effects of botox and other nasty fillers… let’s face it, botox (aka Botulinim toxin which is a neurotoxin) just paralyses the muscles and creates swelling which is the only reason it reduces wrinkles (think of the long term damage)

The great news is that cosmetic acupuncture not only softens those pesky lines but actually creates an internal balance while treating the underlying conditions that are causing our age related problems.

Our treatment is based on the ancient principles of Chinese medicine where we just give your body a gentle hand and nudge in all the right places to help it heal itself. It’s great to know that acupuncture can actually reverse all of the damage caused by age, sun, pollution, stress and other factors which are beyond your control.

Let Sonya’s highly experienced and caring hands help increase the circulation of blood and collagen to all the areas your face and body needs most, filling out those annoying lines and wrinkles on your face, giving your skin a healthy and glowing complexion.

Get in touch with us at Son Son Acupuncture, where you will get the most effective anti ageing treatment, which will not only help you get rid of those wrinkles and lines, but preserve your youthful appearance for a long period of time as well!


Please understand that Sonya is extremely busy with patients, and cosmetic acupuncture takes more time for your appointment, so please shoot a txt message through to 0435641710, saying ‘cosmetic acupuncture’ along with your name and a  preferred day and time and Sonya will get back to you as soon as she can to conform your appointment.

To save time, and so that she can send more time treating you rather than you both filling out paperwork please can you bring a copy of —> this form printed and filled out with you to your first treatment.