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What Can you Gain from Acupuncture Capalaba?

A lot of individuals have heard about acupuncture Capalaba and consider it as a type of alternative medicine. On the other hand, most do not know how acupuncture actually works and why it is highly effective in treating various illnesses. It is best that you are aware on what acupuncture is all about so that you can gain the benefits it provides.

Introduction to acupuncture

As an ancient art by the Chinese, acupuncture is based on the theory of points and meridians present throughout the body. Based on the Chinese principles, the human body is comprised of these points and meridians that serve as vital energy routes. The life force or Qi flows through these channels freely. If there is a blockage or disruption to this flow, it can lead to different illnesses. Acupuncture deals with illnesses by controlling and balancing the flow of Qi with the help of very thin needles.



Tools utilized during the treatment

During the acupuncture Capalaba treatment, the needles used are 15 – 20 mm in length and 0.12 – 0.35 mm in diameter. Take note the different gauges of needles are used on various areas of the body. Once the needles are pushed into an area in the body, minimal pain can be felt but there should be no discomfort once the needles remain in the area. The needles are left in the area for 5-20 minutes. In some cases, pulse electricity or heat is applied on the acupuncture needles.

The treatment process

You can either sit or lie down and local sterilization is performed on the areas to be inserted. Using the correct direction, angle and depth should be observed in order to achieve a successful treatment. Only skilled and experienced therapists can diagnose illnesses and treat them accordingly. Once the proper depth is reached, the needles are not pulled out right away. By using their fingers, the therapists rotate the needles left and right for 2-3 minutes in order to stimulate the points. The needles are left in place for about 5-20 minutes.

By effectively treating different illnesses, the acupuncture Capalaba treatment is the ideal alternative management that you should try out.

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