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Hope for Those Suffering from Anxiety – Acupuncture Brisbane

Considering the rat race of today’s world, it is hardly surprising that many people suffer from anxiety these days. If you are one of them, do something to cure your anxiety before it affects your health seriously. There is a natural, but effective way to do so- acupuncture brisbane is the key.

Acupuncture9Some people think this form of traditional Chinese medicine is all about pinning’ tiny needles into a person’s body. But, in reality, it is much more. It encompasses various aspects like diet, herbology and even lifestyle counseling. There are various kinds of anxiety disorders such as panic attacks and PSTD. To determine how serious or what kind of anxiety issue you are suffering from, it is customary for an acupuncturist to check the patient ‘s pulse and tongue.

A great number of people suffer because of negative’ effects on two of their major organs, heart and kidney. According to this branch of Chinese traditional medicine, heart is classified as a fire organ while a kidney is deemed a water organ. So, keeping both of them in balance is important. A lot of  fire’ results in much heat, causing disturbances in the affected person’s mind.

The basis of this form of traditional Chinese medicine is “qi” or vital energy. It is believed that the liver distributes this kind of energy to various parts of the body. To get rid of anxiety, auricular acupuncture is usually performed. Sterilized fine needles are applied on a person’s ears for stimulation of energy. The ear points are chosen based on the nature of anxiety disorder the person has.

In short, if you are suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder, opt for acupuncture brisbane. Apart from being a natural way to cure your anxiety, it is effective too. Fine needles are applied to specific points on your ears to stimulate energy.

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